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Copper castings(native copper and copper alloy casting)
Casting department cast big and small native copper and copper alloy casting due to sand mold casting
provides them to many industries of electric furnace,Industrial furnaces,pump,construction machinery,foods and arts and crafts.

High foundry technique
TANABE Corporation is the leading manufacturer of various electric furnaces and casting department is good at challenging casting by cultivated foundry technique.
Batch manufacture from casting to machining
Have machining department,can manufacture wide variety of products by short delivery through batch manufacture from casting to machining.
Copper weld technique
Contribute to long-life of product due to repair welding of native copper and copper alloy casting.
Electrode holder
Manufacture water-cooling jacket type,copper pipe suction type and various pressure‐resistant products.
Manufacture various pumps such pump for ship and land
Manufacture single suction type,double suction type,various Impellers and liner
Manufacture braising pans for food,other pots and vessel
Traditional artifacts and antiques
Also produce art work like monument etc. and scenery casting like bridge railings

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