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Head office
Ono 978,Itoigawashi,Niigata,941-8686
TEL 025-552-1601(main phone)
FAX 025-552-8041
The head office and production center locate in industrial park beside the riverside of Hime river and has head office with management function of technology, general affairs,operation and factory department of canning factory,machine factory and assembly factory.
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Ono factory
Ono 978,Itoigawashi,Niigata,941-8686
TEL 025-552-7574
FAX 025-552-1055
<Production center>
As technology company with production department,meet requirement of everyone basing on consistency management from design,manufacture,factory test to site installation.
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Teramachi factory
Teramachi 1-9-20,Itoigawashi,Niigata,941-8686
TEL 025-552-3301
FAX 025-552-0421
<Techno service department>
Gather design,manufacture of automatic and labor saving machine,maintenance service of factory equipment,technical capabilities of design and control of processing OEM of various parts together and provide the most appropriate system with total power.
<Melting department>
We boasts its high foundry technique with a focus on water pressure casting of copper(native copper,BsC),aluminium bronze alloy(ALBC),high tension brass(HBsC)etc.
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Sales office
Tanabe building,Nihonbashi koamicho 16-1,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,103-0016
TEL 03-5652-1117(main phone)
FAX 03-5652-1118

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Yokohama engineering center
Copofuji 202,nishishinagawa 1-3-6,Shinagawa-ku,yokohama,Shinaga,221-0822
TEL 045-548-3375
FAX 045-312-5331
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