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Management policy

1.Business policy

Coexistence and co-prosperity of our company, customers, and local communities

2.Quality policy

Providing products and services that are trusted by customers

3.Environmental policy

Accelerating to carbon neutrality in 2050

4.Safety and health policy

A culture that prioritizes the mental and physical safety of employees

CSR policy

1. Building relationships of trust with stakeholders

We recognize that protecting all information assets related to our customers and our company from threats such as accidents, disasters, and crimes is an important management issue, and we will work to realize it. We will strive to maintain the supply of products and services and to ensure quality and product safety.

2. Establish compliance

We position compliance as the top management priority. Compliance with laws and regulations is a natural responsibility, and we strive to ensure the legality of management and maintain and strengthen corporate ethics.

3. Consideration for occupational safety and health

We will pay attention to the health and safety of our employees and business partners, comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which we operate, and strive to create an open and fair workplace that is easy to work in.

4. Fair business activities

We will comply with domestic and international competition laws, pursue economic rationality, act in accordance with correct corporate ethics, and conduct business activities based on fair, transparent, and free competition.

5.Environmental conservation

Recognizing the promotion of environmentally friendly business activities as a social responsibility, we strive to coexist harmoniously with society and nature while continuously improving our environmental management system.

6. Co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities

We practice activities that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society and cultivate a corporate culture that values contributions to local communities.

7. Respect for human rights and diversity

Respect the basic human rights and diversity of all people, and avoid discrimination and harassment on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, creed, religion, social status, etc. does not

(Revised on July 1, 2023)

Quality assurance activities

We have acquired and maintained ISO9001 (2015) certification (Certificate of Registration: PDF 1.9MB)

Quality Assurance Activity Policy ISO9001

  • Thorough investigation of the cause of trouble and prevention of recurrence through mechanisms
  • From individual knowledge to organizational knowledge
  • Quality improvement by technical level up
(established in 2022)

environmental activities

environmental activities

Environmental activity policy ISO14001

  • Participation in social environmental activities
  • In-house CO2Ascertaining emissions and actively promoting control measures
  • Balancing coexistence with local communities and corporate activities
(established in 2022)

Information Security Basic Policy

Tanabe Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") protects our customers and all information assets related to our company from threats such as accidents, disasters, crimes, etc., and in order to respond to the trust of our customers and society, based on the following policy, we will implement information security throughout the company. I will work on it.

1. Responsibilities of management

We will systematically and continuously strive to improve and improve information security under the initiative of management.

2.Improvement of the internal system

We have established an organization to maintain and improve information security, and have established formal internal rules for information security measures.

3. Efforts of employees

Our employees will acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security, and ensure that our efforts toward information security are solid.

4.Compliance with legal and contractual requirements

We comply with laws, regulations, norms, and contractual obligations related to information security, and meet the expectations of our customers.

5. Responding to Violations and Accidents

In the event of legal violations, contract violations, or accidents related to information security, we will take appropriate measures and strive to prevent recurrence.

(Established January 1, 2023)
President of Tanabe Co., Ltd.

Tanabe Co., Ltd. is an IPA (Independent Administrative Agency Information-technology Promotion Agency)
Declared SECURITY ACTION 2 stars

DX strategy policy

DX management vision

In response to changes in the world situation and the times, we will provide high-value-added production equipment and strengthen the system responsible for development, manufacturing, and maintenance with DX. We will continue to meet customer needs by introducing digital technology in-house with the newly established “DX Planning Promotion Office” as the core, building customer proposals, manufacturing tests, development and manufacturing systems.

Based on the new medium-term management plan (IT-25) for the 76th term, we have formulated our DX strategy (issues to be discussed at the board meeting in November 2022).

(Enacted on March 3, 2023)
President of Tanabe Co., Ltd.

Social/local activities

Green Future Creation Conference - Midori Mirai Meeting Itoigawa (3M)

We are participating in the Midori Mirai Meeting Itoigawa (commonly known as 3M), which creates a system that circulates the local economy by creating new value by taking advantage of the abundant forest resources and the characteristics of local industries. .

3M Homepage

Itoigawa City Baseball Federation Co., Ltd. Tanabe Cup Sponsor

We participate in the Itoigawa City Baseball Federation as a sponsor of the Tanabe Cup Co., Ltd.

About Tanabe Rubber Baseball Club Co., Ltd.


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