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Casting Division

Our foundry business started with the production of copper alloy castings (pure copper electrode holders) used in power supply equipment for electric furnaces, one of our main products. We also have a long track record of manufacturing brass-based castings, and we also accept orders for bronze castings of main components (casings and covers) for marine pump manufacturers.

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Casting Division


Manufacturing method

Self-hardening sand casting by hand, with a monthly production capacity of 8 tons. We specialize in pure copper/copper alloy casting products that consist of multiple cores, and we are capable of manufacturing large cast products (product weight of 500 kg to 1 ton) with small rods. In addition, we have a machining department at our head office factory, and if necessary, we can provide consistent support from casting to machining.

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Materials that can be cast

  • Pure copper: CAC101, CAC102
  • Brass (brass): CAC201, CAC202 equivalent (Cu80%: Zn20%)
  • Bronze: CAC402, CAC403, CAC406
  • Phosphor bronze: CAC502, lead copper: CAC603
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Manufacturing performance

Electrode holder for electric furnace (CAC101, CAC201) Two types of cooling channel types are available: jacket structure and copper pipe casting structure.
Electric furnace power supply equipment parts (CAC101, CAC102, CAC201) terminal etc.
Marine pump casings, covers (CAC402, CAC403, CAC406) Basically, we receive the wooden pattern and supply the material.
Other Copper alloy castings for industrial machinery (CAC402, CAC403, CAC406, CAC502, CAC603) Bushes, liners, hooks, guide blocks, etc.

*The maximum weight of all the products ① to ④ above can be handled up to about 1 ton. Our standard product size (mm) is up to 1000 (length) x 1000 (width) x 800 (height).

  • Cast-in copper tube electrode holder for large electric furnaces (CAC101)

    Two types of cooling water channels are available: a jacket structure and a copper pipe casting structure.

  • Hanging electrode holder for medium-sized electric furnace (CAC201)

  • Horseshoe electrode holder for medium and small electric furnaces (CAC201)

    Two types of water channels are available: a jacket structure and a copper pipe casting structure.

  • Power supply parts for arc furnaces (CAC101)

  • Parts for electric furnace power supply Terminal (CAC201)


Service/Technical Information

  • Casting Division

    We specialize in highly difficult castings with multiple cores using the technology we have cultivated as a top manufacturer of various electric furnaces.

  • Procurement information

    We are looking for a wide range of suppliers to cooperate with us in procuring materials, parts, equipment, and various services.

  • superheated steam technology

    Introducing superheated steam technology, which has high energy density and thermal efficiency and is used in many industrial processes.

  • Contract manufacturing

    This is a contract manufacturing business that utilizes our own manufacturing and processing equipment such as electric furnaces and rotary kilns.



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