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1922 Established Tanabe Iron Works
1951 Established Tanabe Kakoki Co., Ltd.
1957 Delivered 7,000kVA sealed electric furnace for pig iron
1960 Delivered 4,500kVA FeMn electric furnace and 15,000kVA CaC2 rotary electric furnace
1963 Exported electric furnace for 5,400kVA CaC2 to South Korea
1968 Delivered 50t/d heavy oil-fired lime furnace
1977 Ohno factory completed


1982 Moved the head office to 978 Ono, Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture.
1984 Established Tanabe Electronics Co., Ltd.
Delivery of gas direct-fired bright annealing furnace for enameled wire
1985 Integrated the Automation/Labor Saving Equipment Division and the Industrial Heating Division to form the Industrial Machinery Systems Division and the Thermal Systems Division.
1987 Delivered PWTF melting and solidification equipment (plutonium waste treatment equipment)
Exported electric furnace for rock wool to Finland
Delivery of dacrodized baking equipment
1989 Delivered continuous vacuum hot press equipment


1991 Company name changed to "Tanabe Co., Ltd."
1992 Started joint development with JFE (former NKK) of electric resistance ash melting furnace
Delivered UBC Delacquering Plant
1993 Delivered electric furnace equipment for melting waste asbestos, etc.
1994 Delivered a production line for vacuum insulation materials for refrigerators.
1996 Delivered burner-type melting furnace equipment for waste asbestos
Delivery of coated fuel particle manufacturing equipment for nuclear fuel
1997 Delivered electric resistance ash melting furnace to Hachioji City
Installed a burner-type ash melting demonstration furnace in the in-house laboratory.
1998 Supplied automobile disk pad firing furnace to France
1999 (Germany) New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) / JFE (former NKK) and CO in China2Reduction Electric Arc Furnace Energy Saving Model Project Construction Started


2000 Tanabe Denshi Co., Ltd. completed new office building
Delivered burner-type ash melting furnace equipment to Hioki district, Kagoshima prefecture.
2001 50th anniversary project
・Relocated Tokyo headquarters to Tanabe Building (Nihonbashi Koamicho)
・Acquired ISO9001 certification
2002 Delivered ash melting furnace equipment to local governments such as Kasugai City, Yachimata City, and Fujiyoshida City.
2004 Casting division obtained certification from classification society DNV (Norway)
2005 Development of equipment using superheated steam (SHS)
Niigata Industrial Creation Organization (NICO) Adopted as a support project for craftsmanship
2006 Installed a metal chip degreasing demonstration furnace in the in-house laboratory as part of NICO's work support project Participated in NEDO's magnesium forging component technology development project
2007 Delivered SHS metal chip degreasing equipment
Installed a recycling demonstration furnace in the in-house laboratory for the NEDO magnesium forging component technology development project.
2008 Expansion of casting factory
2009 Adopted by the Central Association of Small and Medium Enterprises National Association for manufacturing small and medium enterprises product development support project


2010 Delivered a large kiln for sintering raw materials for lithium-ion batteries.
2011 60th anniversary of foundation
Obtained ISO14001 certification
2012 90th anniversary of foundation
2013 Delivered China's first electric furnace for melting blast furnace slag and manufacturing rock wool
2014 Adopted as a support project for manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises and small-scale business prototype development
"Development of high-temperature continuous sintering technology for carbon nanofibers"
Delivered four 39,000KVA FeCr electric furnaces to China
2015 Delivery of rotary kiln equipment for lithium ion raw materials
2016 Built a new in-house laboratory building
2017 Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a "Regional Future Driving Company"
2019 Added a primary processing plant and a new assembly plant to the Ohno factory.
Established Tanabe Tech AB in Sweden
Delivered a rotary kiln for lithium-ion raw materials to Europe
Selected as one of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's "300 Small and Medium Enterprises and Small Businesses"


2022 100th anniversary

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