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The term of use about the website

When use the website operated by TANABE Corporation,please use it after look through following articles in advance and agree with it.

■About copyright■
Information published in the homepage is protected by the copyright law,various agreements and other law of every country.It is prohibited that use these information(including reproduction,change,upload,notice,transmission of message,distribution,license,sell and publish etc) and exceed the accepted scope expressly by law and private use unless get document of TANABE Corporation in advance.
■About disclaimer■
The company doesn't take any responsibilities for trouble,loss and damage occurred by usage of the website and information published in the website.And please note that information published in the website will be changed or operation of the website will be suspended and cancelled without advance notice.Furthermore,the company doesn't take any responsibilities for damage due to change of the information,suspension and cancellation of the operation.
■About registered trademark■
Brand name of product of the company used in the homepage is trademark and registered trademark of TANABE Corporation.The company name is corporate name,registered trademark and trademark of each company.
■About privacy protection■
As a general rule,the website doesn't need to provide personal information including address and name etc.that specify client when personal client access to the website and read these information.However,when contact us by query form,provide personal information to client to follow up them.The company doesn't provide personal information provided from client to the 3rd party by the situation that is recoginzed by client excluding the case listed in the following items.
1. When customer agree
In order to achieve the usage purpose the company,entrust all or part of personal information of client to the exterior

2. When base on law,judgment,decision and injunction of court
When it is necessary to protect human life,body and property and it is difficult to obtain agreement of client
When it is necessary to improve public health or promote healthy development of children specially and it is difficult to obtain agreement of client
When it is necessary to cooperate with work determined by person who received ooutsourcing of national government or local public body and it is in danger of hindering the work by obtaining agreement of client