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Vertical high temperature furnace (large)

Vertical high-temperature vacuum furnace (large)

Vertical high-temperature vacuum furnace (large)


It becomes a high temperature atmosphere furnace. We have a track record of temperatures up to 2000°C. Heating is performed in an atmosphere such as argon gas, nitrogen gas, or helium gas. The heating method is joint heating and carbon heater method.

Equipment features It becomes a large device and can heat at high temperature. It can also ensure a good seal. There is a rotation mechanism from the top. The temperature can also be divided into zones in the vertical direction and the temperature can be controlled.
Application example
  • Temperature: 2000℃
  • Heating length: φ600×2000L
  • Atmosphere: Nitrogen
  • Degree of vacuum: 10Pa
  • Attachment: work lifting device, work rotation device, upper lid automatic opening and closing device, work load detection


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