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Medium size batch type external heat rotary kiln (electric type)

Medium size batch type external heat rotary kiln (electric type)

Medium size batch type external heat rotary kiln (electric type)


Batch-type rotary kiln is recommended for samples that require long-time firing (4 hours or more). As with the continuous rotary kiln, various atmosphere gases are inserted into the furnace and the raw material is fired while stirring.

Equipment features
  • Heater temperature can be changed in stages
    The temperature pattern can be set stepwise according to the processing raw material for the process of raising temperature, holding temperature, and lowering temperature.
  • Customization considering contamination
    In order to suppress metal contamination such as Fe, it is possible to customize the processing object contact part with a special alloy such as nickel. It is a technology that can be proposed because we are confident in welding special materials.
  • Seal measures
    We propose seal structures that meet customer needs. In addition, we also offer dust collection and dust protection covers to prevent fine raw materials from scattering around the seal.
    High hermetic seal (optional)
    Continuous firing in a flammable atmosphere is realized by a unique seal structure using carbon materials (highly airtight seal patent number: Patent No. 4150368).
  • Customization of specifications according to customer needs
    We can propose testing equipment that meets customer needs, from material selection for retorts and powder contact parts to exhaust gas treatment equipment.
  • Because it is a batch type, small-lot production is possible.
Basic spec
  • Heating method: Electric heater (external heat type)
  • Number of heaters: ~ 6 zones
  • Heating temperature: ~900℃
  • Atmosphere: Atmosphere (including decarbonated air), oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc.
  • Retort size: φ700×2,600L (effective)
  • Retort material: SUS310S, Ni alloy, other various metals (according to needs)
  • Processing capacity: ~100L / batch (reference guideline)
Equipment use Drying, firing, oxidation, etc. of various granules


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